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BBT-Bond-Toastmasters is 100% focused on providing the place that could improve our own capabilities in global business in English.


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---BBT university policy as below
Our policy is based on Business Break Throw university (* BBT university) such as the educational goal of University, which is bellow;

The educational goal of BBT University is to cultivate business people and entrepreneurs with professional skills, international perspective, pioneering spirit and high sense of morality, who can think and act on their own based on the idea of self-management, by combining sophisticated knowledge as global citizens and well-established theories and practice methods in the field of business management.

Moreover, BBT University aims to develop human resources that can catch up to the new business trends of the 21st century, lead the economic activities in several regions of the world, including Asia, and develop new business with a pioneering spirit.

We are enthusiastic leaner who delight in collaborating with each other to improve, expand and advance our Toastmasters. It would be great if you come to join us!